Scented pelargonium Collection

Scented pelargonium Collection

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A collection of beautifull scented Pelargoniums producing an abbundance of flowers from May trough to September/October. Also makes a beautifull house plant filling the air with its amazing scents such as lemon, rose and cinnamon. Easy to grow, pelargoinums will thrive with very little attention.


Great used in the kitchen to flavour cakes, sugars, jellies, ice cream and drinks, but also highly used in the cosmetic industry for scenting soaps, creams and perfumes.


The Scented Pelargonium Collection is available in a choice of 4 or 6 potted plants. 


Collection may include; Frensham, Pink capitatum, Cola bottles, Cinnamon, Fragrans variegatum, Clorinda, Ashby, Attar of Roses, Southernwood