Our Story 

Our Vision


We aim to produce top-quality herbs and other edible plants without impacting on the environment. We never have or never will use any pesticides, growth hormones or other chemical sprays, as well as only using natural plant feeds over their petrochemical counterparts


We use 100% natural Eco-friendly techniques for pest and disease control and do this mainly by encouraging wide biodiversity in our greenhouses and surroundings.

Our aim is to produce strong, healthy, delicious herbs in an Eco-friendly way, putting nature first.

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Market display of our culinary herbs
Bees in artichoke flower

Hillside Herbs was founded in 2014 by Will Lobina and Polly Winsor. Will grew up in Italy, often helping neighbours in their allotments and helping his family cook meals, whilst Polly grew up wandering the fields of her families fruit farm, and from a young age was involved in fruit and veg production.


Before the business was born we both enjoyed growing food and herbs for ourselves, as we have always enjoyed good quality food made with good ingredients.


We soon realised that the conventional growing techniques are very harmful to wildlife and it has always been a priority of ours to produce the best quality possible without causing harm to our environment.


We then went on to study level 3 commercial horticulture to further improve our knowledge and skill base. It is here where we realised how polluting and wasteful food and plant production can be and so decided that we wanted to run a nursery that, not only would provide a flavourful delight but actually support and help the environment whilst still achieving a quality product.

After a few years of experimenting, we realised that nature knows best, and grew more and more sceptical on conventional commercial growing techniques, which focus on keeping plants from ever being 'touched' by wildlife. We then decided to try and use nature to help us rather than fight against it, and so started encouraging natural cycle within our production. Instead of trying to kill anything that goes near our plants, we aim to attract a wide variety of biodiversity so that problems (i.e pest) don't ever get out of control. If a pests predator is thriving, the pest won't stand a chance. Now after 5 years of growing our greenhouses are packed with life, allowing a natural cycle to occur where pests never get out of control. Click this link to see how we grow

We then started trading at local markets selling a small range of 10 herb varieties. Altrincham market was our first market that allowed our business to grow and expand from 10 simple culinary varieties to now attending many markets, local shows/events as well as launching our online store with over 100 distinct culinary herb varieties, with more being added to our collection every year.


All our herbs are edible and will grow in the UK. we have herbs originating from all over the world and our selection is constantly growing to give you a unique dining and gardening experience. But as well as being great culinary, many have remarkable medicinal benefits that, if used regularly, will not only add flavour to your dishes but also help with health and general well being.


A frog in rosemary plants

We hope that, like us, you take great pleasure from using our herbs and can feel confident that they have been produced in an environmentally boosting way.