How we grow

Hillside Herbs

What makes our growing techniques different

We only use natural products. No pesticides, chemical sprays or poisons

No impact on the environment

No residual sprays on plants, so that you don't end up eating them

No chemical/poisons leached into the environment, no poisoning of animal species or their habitats.


We encourage biodiversity in our nursery 

(frogs, toads, wrens, foxes, hedgehogs, ladybirds, lacewings etc..)

By not using chemical sprays or poisons

By not disrupting the land and having areas left for wildlife, 

By providing plants, homes/habitat and food for wildlife to thrive


We keep a low carbon footprint

We recycle plastic, we take back any of our plastic pots (reuse rather than filling landfill)

No additional heating or lighting is used; Strong healthy garden ready plants with no burning of fossil fuels.

All our planting is done by hand and has no machinery input, just our van for deliveries.

UK Cheshire based

Everything is grown on our nursery (not imported from abroad, you are  buying directly from the grower)


Here at Hillside Herbs, we believe that nature and the environment should be respected and looked after, which is why we never have or never will use any pesticide, growth hormones, poisons or other chemical sprays, as well as only using natural plant feeds. We also believe that nature knows best, and if left to it and encouraged, can provide many solutions to common plant problems.

By never spraying and providing beneficial plants and shelters we allow existing populations of beneficial insect to thrive and continue hunting and living on the pests in the greenhouses for many years, in turn attracting further wildlife creating a more natural balanced cycle within our greenhouses. Now, in our 6th year of commercial growing, our greenhouses are packed with life, allowing a natural cycle to occur. Some of the animals that call our nursery home are toads, frogs, wrens, ladybirds, lacewings, pirate bugs, wasps, parasitic wasps, swallows, blackbirds, many spiders,robins , hedgehogs, foxes as well as having many hunting birds praying on mice trying to eat our herbs. Along side this we keep our plants pest free using a range of techniques, with the mentality of preventing the problem before it starts. Such techniques involve trimming plants at correct times, ensuring strong healthy plant growth, good growing environments as well as using tools such as nets and sticky traps to catch and stop pests.


Another way we can guarantee strong healthy plants with no impact on the environment is that we do not use any additional heat (heaters), or lighting. Our nursery only uses the sun as its power source for producing everything we sell. This means our herbs are grown to be able to handle the UK weather conditions and so establish and grow much better for you at home, but also means no fossil fuels are used producing our herbs.

To further reduce the impact we have on the environment we are now taking back our 1.05l and 8cm pots to re-use in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Unfortunately, we can only take back our pots (1.05l and 8cm) but if you have any please do drop them off at Altrincham market, or contact us if near Delamere, and we will happily re-use them and in an effort to help reduce plastic waste.

We hope that in the near future we are able to use an Eco-friendly pot alternatively.


Now thanks to your growing support we are able to begin trialling different mixes of peat-free composts in an attempt to be even less harmful on the environment and in the future be able to bring you Hillside herbs pesticide-free and peat-free Herbs.

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