Perilla 'Green' (Shiso)

Perilla 'Green' (Shiso)

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 An attractive bushy easy growing herb. Originating and widely used in Japan, Shiso has a unique flavour, strong and herbaceous that is best described as a mix of basil, cumin and sometimes even citrus. The leaves can be chopped into thin strips and used in salads, great paired with tuna or even use to wrap tuna/fish, makes a tasty addition to stir fries or roasted vegetables,good with tofu, and also makes a tasty tea. It used in many other Asian countries such as in Korea where one way that it is used is by layering a lettuce leaf, with a Shiso leaf, filling with barbecued meats and wrappin it up reay to eat. The seeds are edible and can be toasted and crushed and sprinkeld onto fish.


Genus: Perilla frutescens 'Green'

Aspect: Full Sun / Part Shade

Type: Annual

Hardiness: Hardy (-5C)

Height: 0.5 metres 

Spread: 0.5 metres