Cape gooseberry

Cape gooseberry

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Cape gooseberry, also known as golden berry, Peruvian gooseberry, Inca berry and ground cherry, is a stunning tropical herbaceous perennial fruit with a delicious sweet flavour. The plant will form small pretty yellow flowers with a blotched centre, wich will then turn into beautifull paper like 'lanterns' wich incase the fruit. The lantern will turn from green, to orange to see-trough as they ripen, revealing the ripe golden fruit. The husk, as well as being very unique and decorative, when picked with the fruit attached, will allow you to store these fruits for up to a month.


They are great eaten raw or added to a fruit salad, but also make great jams, pies and tarts.

Closely related to tomatilloes.


Genus: Physalis peruviana

Aspect: Full Sun

Type: Perennial

Hardiness: Cold tolerant ( does not like freezing temperatures below 1C) grow as annual or protect from frost overwinter

Height: 1 - 1.5 metre 

Spread: 1 - 1.5 metres