Herbs, and why we love them

  • Fresh herbs liven up any dish, adding a depth of flavour while you cook or a fresh topper before serving.​

  • Looking after herbs is easy, making them great for beginner gardeners and family projects. 

  • They can be grown anywhere, from flowerpots to beds, wall baskets and windowsills – you name it, there is always space for herbs.

  • They look great, with beautiful flowers and scents for attracting bees and other wildlife into you your garden.

  • Packed with nutrients they are great for boosting health and well-being

  • Great for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Nearly all herbs will flower and are all loved by pollinators and wildlife, great for attracting them to your garden

  • Growing your own herbs will save you money and taste much better; having a fresh supply of herbs will save you having to buy bunches every week from the shops.

  • And versatile too – we love to get creative, making herbal teas, flavoured oils, vinegarettes, massage oils, face scrubs and potpourri.

We love to hear about  all the wonderful ways you use your herbs, connect with us 

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