Musa 'Basjoo' Banana

Musa 'Basjoo' Banana

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Also know as the Japanese Banana or Hardy Banana this variety is suitable for growing in the UK (hardy to -15C) reaching the height of a small tree but can be contained if wanting to keep it smaller.   

Banana is a usefull culinary plant, and although famous for its fruit,  the leafs and flowers are also used around the world in the kitchen. Leaves are used to wrap up food (fish, meats, vegetables)  for steaming, baking and BBQing and flowers are eaten in Thailand. The Fruit produced by this variety is edible but contains many seeds so usually not eaten but looks very tropical.


Can be planted outside in the garden in a sunny sheltered position where it should be treated as a large herbaceous perennial  growing all season up to the first frosts, at wich point it will die back and resprout when temperatures increse again. For best results if planted outside, although hardy to -15C, it is best providing a heavy mulch to its root system and fleecing it main stem .


Alternatively it can be grown in a heated greenhouse/conservatory where it will grow as an evergreen perennial.


Genus: Musa 'Basjoo'

Aspect: Sunny, sheltered positions to prevent the wind from shredding its foliage

Type: Perennial

Hardiness:  hardy to -15c (leaves will damage with temps below 8C)

Height: 4 metres

Spread: 4 metres