DIY Luxury Christmas Wreath Making Kit

DIY Luxury Christmas Wreath Making Kit


Everithing you need to make your own stunning Christmas wreath for your home.


  All our foliage materials are sustainably sourced from local christmas tree growers, and pride ourselfs on the freshness of our wreaths.


This kit is made using a 10 inch frame which should result in a wreath aproxamitley 15 inch wide.


What is included:


- Step by step wreath making instructions with pictures

- 10 inch mossed frame

- Mixed evergreen foliage (noble fir, leylandii, ivy) *

- Pine cones

- Orange slices

- Wire bobbin

-  Stub wires

- Wired bow


Wreath making kits will be shipped from the 28th of Novemeber to allow the foliage to be at its best for you and last all of Chritmas. If you would prefer your kit sent at an earlier/later date please let us know and we can arrange this  for you.


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